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Running and bodyweight exercises for everyone, anywhere

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What is bootRunner?

We've all been there, you sign up to the gym only to stop going after a few workouts. Its expensive and takes out a big chunk of time.

We want to help you to establish a pattern of regular workouts that fit into your busy schedule and find balance.

bootRunner is the ideal training instructor offering workouts that fit easily into your daily routine. If you have a few minutes to spare or feel up to a bigger challenge, there's a workout for any time and place.

Running and Exercises

Combine Running & Exercises

Running is a great workout to clear your head and improve your cardio fitness.

Have a lunch break at work, did you wake up early Sunday morning and have some time to spare? Putting on your running shoes is the hardest part of working out!

Wouldn't it be great if there's a way to improve your muscle strength at the same time?

bootRunner offers various bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere and can combine it with outdoor running for a full body workout.


And more...

Working out is only part of the way. Clear the mind with meditation exercises, develop a morning routine, set a timer to read a book. bootRunner offers it all.

We will help you to establish regular patterns that will compound over time. Slip into your running shoes, put on your headphones and lets go!